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Gate Radio Receiver

When purchasing a Gate Operator you often will need to purchase a Gate Radio Receiver to allow the gate to respond using a transmitter (remote). In residential and commercial applications it is often convenient to have the one transmitter with multiple buttons to control more than one entrance. In high security areas there are options for remotes that can be tracked as well offer time schedules. The range of the standard Transmitter and Gate Radio Receiver is site specific but commonly offer thirty to one hundred foot range. With advanced technology they are offering Gate Radio Receivers can work up to 1600’ with boosters and antennas.

Automatic Gate Infrastructure

The infrastructure is the most important part of your Automatic Gate System. From the installation of the post or pylons that will support your gate to the trenches that house your wires. Making sure that you are in compliance with your states building codes and all requirements are being met. Plan the installation so that you can access wires, equipment and you have adjustment for servicing. This is very important so that you can maintain your new Automatic Access System.

Emergency Access

Emergency Access is required at all facilities. There are different requirements as far as the access equipment that needs to be installed. The access equipment available is a Chain Release, Fire Box, Knox Lock, Fire Strobe, and SOS Sensor. Please check with your local fire marshal to determine the requirements for your facilities location.

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