Gates are not a part of what we do... Gates are all we do


Q. Do you install automatic gate equipment?
Yes, we install automatic gate and access equipment throughout New Mexico and bordering states.
Q. Do you make gates and fencing?
Yes, we fabricate custom gates and fencing.
Q. How often should you service your Automatic Entry System?
It is good to have a preventive maintenance preformed twice a year for normal facilities. This would be best in spring and fall. There are times facilities need services more regularly due to high traffic, harsh conditions or secure areas.
Q. How can I have one remote for my house and gate?
This is often overlooked and the answer is yes; you can have the one remote that will allow access to your house as your gate.
Q. How do I open my gate in an emergency with no power?
Please refer to your owner's manual for this. There are many makes and models and they all vary. A battery backup can be installed for these occasions.
Q. How do emergency vehicles enter my facility in an emergency?
Depending on the county your facility is in there are a number of devices that can be installed to open the gates.
Q. Do you repair damaged equipment?
Yes, we do offer services to repair damaged equipment throughout New Mexico and bordering states. Our trucks are fully stocked with parts so most repairs can be made on the first call.
Q. How can I prevent damage to my operator for Lightning?
This is difficult but the best way to prevent a lighting surge is to install grounding equipment on power, telephone and other electrical devices to a ground rod in the earth.
Q. How long will my equipment last?
This is determined by the installation, equipment to usage and continual service of the equipment. We have operators that have been installed for over 15 years that still function correctly when serviced regularly.